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Interview with Kalani Robb (12/13/95)

The first time I met Kalani was about seven years ago. He was this tiny grommet with tons of potential. He was aptly knicknamed "hummingbird" for his boundless energy in and out of the water.

Since then, Kalani has grown physically, and is finally filling out. However, not much has changed about his personality.

On this, his rookie season in the ASP, he has been phenomenal, placing equal third at the G- land Pro.

I managed to corner Kalani for an interview in the lineup at Pipeline during the Pipe Masters waiting period. Here's it is, to the best of my memory.

NM: Congratulations on winning your first round heat at Pipeline. You got a perfect 10 on one ride. Can you describe it?

KR: Yeah, thanks! Once I took off, I had to either pull in, or get nailed, so I went for it. I just held a high trim, and ended up making it. I was so stoked.

NM: You did very well for your rookie season on the ASP WCT. How do you feel about your first season?

KR: Yeah, I wish I did better and made the top 16, but overall I feel pretty good about it.

NM: I've seen you at all the amateur contests for years and your parents have been a big influence to you. How have they been?

KR: Everybody knows that they've always been there for me, and I wouldn't be here without them.

NM: How's Rusty been to you?

KR: They've given me everything I've needed. I'm fully stoked with them.

NM: After Sunny Garcia, you are the next great hope for the Hawaiians. Does that put extra pressure on you to succeed in competition?

KR: My personal goal is to be world champion, but I don't feel any extra pressure to win for Hawaii. I' m just out to satisfy myself, and if other people aren't satisfied, then screw them.

NM: Alright Kalani, good luck on the Pipe contest. Hope you do well.

KR: Thanks Neal. Let's catch some waves now.

To find out more about Kalani, check out Rusty's Home Page, where he does an interview withTony Sanfillipo.

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