Globe Trottin'
About Cornwall -- 9/92

Cornwall is located on the southwest corner of Britain, a five hour's drive from London. Not a bodyboarding stronghold by any stretch of the word, the sport is still alive and well in this beautiful part of the country. The following is not meant to be a definitive travel guide for the Cornwall area. Rather, it is just some of my experiences and observations over one memorable weekend.

People: Extremely polite and proper. They are also very friendly--more so than their London counterparts.

Climate: It is often cloudy, foggy and rainy with rapid changes in weather. The water temperature ranges between 40 and 60 degrees (F).

Countryside: Beautiful, mostly farmland on rolling hills. The coastline is very rugged with many coves and cliffs.

Surf: Surprise! It can get double overhead, and there is surfing all year round. However, it doesn't seem to be too consistent. The tidal changes are drastic, and the surf is adversely affected by it. Autumn is the best season for waveriding, with lighter crowds, comfortable water temperatures, and better surf.

Language: All English is not created equal. Brits use some slightly different words and it takes some getting used to. For instance: gas is called petrol, a line of people is a queue, and to order french fries, you ask for chips. ("Eh bra, you guys talk kinda funny kine?")

Prices: It's pretty expensive there by U.S. standards--be ready to dish out some big bucks if you go. Compact discs cost about $20, gasoline is $3.40/gallon, and the BZ Ben T-10 bodyboard will set you back $500!

Some Other Observations: (1) There are a lot of dogs here (especially terriers) and very few cats. (2) The first floor on a high-rise is called the ground floor, the second level is called the first floor, etc. (3) Most places close early, except the clubs and the pubs.

When traveling, no matter where you go, always treat the locals with respect--it's just common courtesy. The locals are friendly anyway, so don't be afraid to "talk story."

You may not want to plan a bodyboarding safari exclusively to Cornwall, but if you're in the area, check it out (equipment rentals are available). You will definitely make some new friends, and may even score some good surf. Happy Hunting!