World Surf Day

The San Diego contingent during WSD 02 #1

The alt.surfing newsgroup has created an annual World Surf Day (WSD), where surfers from around the world surf at their respective spots on a given day/weekend/week and share their sessions online. In 2002, after much squabbling, WSD has gone semiannual. Check out the archives of stoke!

2002 #2--November 30-December 1 (collected by ?)

2002 #1--March 30-31 (collected by sponge)

2001--April 21-22 (collected by Dan King)

2000--April 8-9 (collected by Edmund)

1999--April 10-11 (collected by m@rk)

1998--April 11-19 (week) (collected by "Da Hulk")

1997--March 29-30 (collected by Tim Maddux)

1996--did not have WSD

1995--April 1 (no archive found)

1994--September 18 (no archive found) (announcement by Robert Kieffer)

1993--April 3 (collected by Robert Kieffer)


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